Touch of Amber – Hand-Made Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Jewelry

Benefits of Baltic Amber

Amber is a precious natural resin formed of the fossilized sap from trees that became extinct millions of years ago. Not only is it a beautiful substance that makes for great jewelry, there are many benefits of Baltic amber including healing properties that can be extracted via turning it into an essential oil, or simply […]

Whats Amber and where does comes from?

Amber is a beautiful, deep yellow mineral that is highly prized all over the world. Though most people classify it among precious gems and stones, it is not, in fact, a stone at all, but a resin. It looks delicate but is actually rock hard. It is both a fossil and contains fossils. It is […]

Uses for Amber Oil

Amber is a material that is highly valued and treasured for its beauty, archaeological value and even its healing properties. For thousands of years it has been valued and at one time was even considered to house first magical energy and then electricity (hence its ancient Greek name of elektron). It has given us insights […]

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