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Beautiful Flower Earrings in Multicolored Baltic Amber & 925 Silver


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Hand-Made Genuine Natural Healing Amber Jewelry


This item was hand-made using natural amber.

– Origin: Baltic Sea, Poland
– Style: Symbolic Earrings
– Gem Type: Genuine Baltic Amber
– Design: Stud


Glinting green, pale yellow and rich honey-hued stone come together perfectly to create a pair of gorgeous Baltic amber flower earrings. Made with .925 sterling silver and only the finest of ancient amber, they serve as the ideal holiday gift for her or a surprise present any time of the year. Spokes of carefully polished silver radiate from a central sphere of cognac-colored Baltic amber, separating each individual stone to highlight complex inflections and variations.
Genuine Baltic amber is believed to possess the metaphysical powers associated with stress relief, anxiety reduction, protection, good luck, prosperity and vitality. The person who wears such a powerful stone is also thought to be more receptive to creativity and spiritual purity. The oldest amber in the world to date is approximately 320 million years old, though most amber jewelry is crafted using fossilized resin dating back to around 30 to 90 million years ago.

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