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Baltic Amber Music Notes Women’s Brooch

Baltic Amber Music Notes Women’s Brooch

Hand-made Classic Musical Baltic Amber Notes


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When it comes to women’s amber jewelry, everything comes down to elegance, sophistication and class. This artfully designed silver brooch features 100 percent pure Baltic amber from Poland, among the finest and most genuine fossilized resin in the world. Tiny, intricate inclusions flash and gleam from within each carefully crafted orb, offering an inimitable reflection of light from every angle. For the musician in your life – or for anyone special who finds inspiration in musical musings – this Baltic amber brooch is the perfect way to express a lyrical passion through jewelry.
Amber from the Baltic countries has been prized for thousands of generations for its beauty, purity, deep colors and healing properties. In fact, many cultures have included amber of all hues in traditional customs, jewelry and healing ceremonies. It is believed that the wearer of this particular type of amber will enjoy renewed energy, feelings of positivity and general health and well-being. Baltic amber music notes jewelry serves as the ideal gift for music recitals, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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Baltic Amber Music Notes Women’s Brooch


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